Friday, June 5, 2015

Jammeh's bizarre behavior a cause for international concern

EU's Agnes Guillaud with Gambia's former Financed Minister Kolley
Expelling diplomats, including international aid workers has become the weapon of choice of Gambia's unpredictable and temperamental dictator.

The list include a First Secretary in the British High Commission (now an Embassy), a United Nations Development Program Resident Representative and a World Food Program Resident Representative.

The Charge d'Affaires of the European Union, Ms. Agnes Guillaud has been added to the list as the latest victim of the increasingly erratic leader who has been given 72 hours to leave The Gambia.

The announcement was made in the government-controlled radio and television GRTS,  As it the usual practice, no reason was given for the expulsion which may be linked to the suspension of disbursement of EDF funds resulting from Gambia's deplorable human rights record of the Jammeh regime.

Gambia's new Foreign Minister appears to have been nudging Jammeh towards resolution of the stalled negotiations with the EU regarding it's 17-point demands on the regime to improve the country's rights and other governance record.

 Any progress registered in previous negotiations between the parties may have suffered a setback by the expulsion.  It is interesting to note that Europe Day observance at the EU offices in Fajara last month coincided with the farewell ceremony of Ms. Agnes Guillaud, Charge d'Affaires of the Delegation of the European in The Gambia, following her four-year term and retirement from the European External Action Service, according to The Point newspaper report.  If Ms. Guillaud was to retire in a few weeks, why expel her in the first instance?  A very bizarre move by an equally and increasingly bizarre regime .