Friday, November 7, 2014

Free Sait Matty Jaw

Sait Matty Jaw 
Sait Matty Jaw, a University of The Gambia staff member was picked up by the notorious National Intelligence Agency (NIA) over three days ago.

Mr. Jaw is an academician and a youth activist who specializes on youth and gender equality issues, and thus can be viewed by a very paranoid and insecure regime as threat because he's engaged in intellectual enlightenment of the society at large and women and youth in particular.

The regime is light-lipped about the whereabouts of Sait Matty Jaw or why he's being held.

We insist that the authorities release him from custody or charge him before a court of law in accordance with the Constitution.  To keep holding him without charge after the prescribed period of 72 hours is against the law.