Monday, November 24, 2014

An impeachable act

Over D 1 billion was the size of annual budget of the Office of The president which is equivalent to the entire 1992 Government budget, the year Gambia's budget first crossed the one billion dalasi mark.

In 20 years, the budget has ballooned to D 10 billion and mounting with Jammeh allocating 10% of the entire budget to himself with no corresponding increase and improvement in public services nor economic growth and development. Where did Yaya spend D 1 billion in 2014 on?

Jammeh and his cronies spent this humongous sum - that should have otherwise gone on providing medical supplies and other critically needed educational supplies -  on luxury cars, aircraft operation and maintenance, petrol, comfort girls cum 'protocol officers', hotel bills (including Sindola), air tickets, entertainment and "attaya" (Chinese green tea).

All of these expenditures went to ensuring the comfort and security of one dictator and his immediate family. Every effort must be made to rid Gambia of this cancer that is destroying the very fabric of Gambian society.

We continue to salute  Hamat Bah, leader of the National Reconciliation Party for being the only opposition party leader to draw attention to what amounts to abuse of office by Yaya Jammeh and his accomplices in the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank .

We hope the leader of the biggest opposition party, Ousainou Darboe will speak up to this callous act of sabotage of an economy that is already on the ropes, thanks to 20 years of mismanagement and corruption in high places.

It is an unconscionably and an irresponsible act  that warrants impeachment however improbably it may be, since the National Assembly is equally culpable as Jammeh's reliable and faithful partner in crime.