Tuesday, November 4, 2014

BREAKING: Imam Fatty fired, replaced by Muhammad Lamin Touray of the SIC

Former State House Imam Abdoulie Fatty
Office of the President has issued a release announcing the dismissal of the controversial Imam of State House, Abdoulie Fatty, who, last week, called for the expulsion of members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim sect, all of whom are Gambian citizens.  Imam Abdoulaye Fatty is a naturalized Gambia of Guinea-Bissau origin.  c

The press release from the Office reads thus :  The Office of the President wishes to inform the general public that Imam Fatty has been relieved of his services as Imam of State House mosque with effect from Tuesday, 4th November 2014.

The release further states that Muhammad Lamin Touray, President of the Supreme Islamic Council (SIC), has been appoint in the place of Imam Fatty.

The replacement of one politically immersed Imam with another chances nothing. In fact, the attempts by the dictatorship to continue the blurring of the boundaries of the State and religion will continue under the new Imam who has served with distinction as head of the highly politicized SIC.

The reaction of a source who closely monitor the activities of Imam Fatty and those of the Supreme Islamic Council when reached for reaction was simply " too bad he's a naturalized citizen.  Otherwise, I would liked to see him deported because he's a very divisive figure."  Our same said source believes that the Imam's call for the expulsion of members of the Ahmadiyya Muslin sect may have been the straw that broke the camels back because "he's become far too involved in sensitive matters to the liking of the Gambian dictator."

This is a developing story.....