Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Leader of Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) is Jammeh's next target

The impressive roll out of the newly formed Gambia Democratic Party (GDC) with thousands of supporters and onlookers that attend its political rallies did not only caught the eye of supporters of the other opposition parties but it has drawn the attention of the Gambian dictator.

After dusting off the old files of Mrs. Tina Faal, a former nominated member of Jammeh's ruling APRC Party and now a prominent supporter of GDC, that resulted in her being charged with obtaining money under false pretenses and remanded in jail, Jammeh has turned his attention on Mama Kandeh, the GDC leader.

The GDC leader was a member of the National Assembly and during his tenure attended numerous meetings including the Pan-African Parliament.  Jammeh has been told that during one of his meetings abroad, Mama Kandeh returned to Banjul before the end of the meeting.  Jammeh intends to instruct his Nigerian mercenaries (S. K. Barkum) to charge him with theft among other charges they intend to concoct.

The rest of the executive of the new party is being served notice that Yaya Jammeh intends to go after the new party.  Our advise to Mama Kandeh, members of the executive, members and supporters of the GDC is not to stay quiet but to go public.  GDC must utilize the online radios and newspapers to publicize the plight of the party.  Jammeh hates publicity.