Thursday, August 4, 2016

"Jammeh's business interests are legitimate targets" says an operative

GNPC petrol station 
First, it was the Mandinari fuel storage tanks that were the targets of arsonists before the GNPC petrol station near the Independence Stadium in Bakau was touched last Friday.

What these two facilities have in common is that Yaya Jammeh has financial interests in both.  He owns the former and had substantial private financial interest  in the latter prior to it being taken over entire by government.

For detailed accounts of the transactions that led to the nationalization of the petroleum sector, please find them here, here, here and here.

The dictator-businessman has his hands in practically every sector of the economy but his petroleum facilities appear to be the favorite targets for sabotage by a and because of group of determined opponents to the regime.

The Mandinari facility was the first target when a storage tank was set alight before a tanker truck was also doused with petrol and set on fire.  Reacting to these events, Jammeh put his army on full alert and deploy personnel to guard his businesses, putting further strain on an already over-stretched army.  

These recent developments suggest that opponents to Jammeh's  iron fist rule have finally come to view his business interests are game.  This was confirmed by an operative who confirmed to us that indeed "Jammeh's business interests are legitimate targets.  It appears the opposition to Jammeh's 22-year rule has entered a new phase in the struggle to free The Gambia of Yaya Jammeh.