Sunday, August 14, 2016

APRC ruling party headquarters gutted by arson fire

APRC HQ gutted by arson fire - photo courtesy Sainey MK Marenah  

The APRC ruling party headquarters of dictator Yaya Jammeh was burned to the ground, Sunday morning around 3:30 AM.  The act has been ruled an arson attack by those opposed to the dictatorship.

The building situated on the street housing the Senegalese School and MDI Road belonged to the late A. B. Denton who was Accountant General when Jammeh illegally took over power in 1994. The building was seized by the Provisional Military Council chaired by the then Lt. Yaya Jammeh and later transferred ownership to the APRC after Jammeh and his military buddies traded their army uniforms to civilian clothes.      

According to sources, the security who was guarding the building was overpowered and tied up before the intruders torched the building.  All of the contents, including computers and documents have been destroyed by the fore.

Reaction has been swift from Yaya Jammeh who has returned a couple of days ago from Kanilai. Our sources said Jammeh was not only furious but "gave ultimatum" to his security chiefs not only to capture the culprits but to stop the arson attacks on his business properties and party symbols, failing which hey will be sent to Mile II prisons.

According to one of our sources Yankuba Badji, the Director General of the notorious National Intelligence Agency is expected to be a prime casualty as a result of these arson attacks all of which have gone unsolved.

Area residents, we are told, have expressed fear and trepidation at the prospect of something worse that could happen to them.  Most Gambians in the Greater Banjul Area have grown increasingly insecure following these attacks that have become ever too frequent.

The arson attack is the fourth in two weeks, raising the fear that they are being carried out by a well-organized group or groups to express their opposition to the brutal corrupt and incompetent regime of Yaya Jammeh.