Monday, March 9, 2015

Ya Binta Jarju laid to rest at Jeshwang cemetery amid heavy security presence

Ya Binta Jarju, the 27 year old cashier has been laid to rest at the Jeshwang Muslim Cemetery at 17:00 hrs GMT with heavy NIA presence according to a source.  According to the same source, no remorse was shown by members of the security forces present.

The scene at the cemetery was somber and serene with the Red Cross "escorting the body" of yet another victim of a heinous regime.  The family, friends and colleagues were obviously in shock as they grief.

Many couldn't understand the heavy-handedness of a military whose primary duty is to protect the territorial integrity of the country and not to terrorize the civilian population.

We have also come to learn today that in addition to the NIA presence, there were other military personnel in civilian clothes at the cemetery. This  lends support to our assertions in previous blog posts that relations between the various security agencies have been deteriorating since the 30 December events.  We also suggested then that things will never be the same again within the current scheme of things.  The assassination of Miss. Jarju has also revealed that the cleavage is wider than expected.

With  more facts emerging since the assassination of Miss. Jarju, it is becoming increasingly evident that division between the police and the marauding military "bulldozer patrols" has been deepening since the incident and it is expected to deepened further with time.

We now know that when a barrage of heavy machine gun was unleashed, Miss. Jarju's body was obliterated and left lying in a pool of blood for two hours inside the taxi.  No one was allowed near the taxi. We also know that a  heavy automatic rifle was use and not an AK-47" according to our source.

The same source said that "most of those in the military patrol were wearing head masks like the ISIS guys, just their face and mouth were showing. These guys are so scary at night, believe me."  It is description like these that we say that The Gambia is under siege.

However scary these murderers looked, those who witness the incident were hauling verbal insults at them not knowing who are behind those masks.  They may not have even understood the language because they could be foreign mercenaries for all we know. Regardless of who's behind the masks. Gambians have had enough of these criminals pretending to be soldiers determined to destabilize The Gambia.

Given the precarious nature of the circumstance, sensitive information is being withheld to protect our sources and also not to provide valuable information to the enemy of the Gambian people.

May Ya Binta Jarju's soul in peace.