Thursday, March 26, 2015

Opposition Interim Leader confirms P.P.P. rally in Brikama on Saturday

Opposition Parties at Brikama Rally 
Omar A. Jallow, former Minister of Water Resources and also Agriculture in the PPP government who is affectionately known by his initials, O.J., confirms to us by phone that a mass rally of the Progressive People's Party (PPP) will be held in Brikama on Saturday, 28th March.

The rally is part of the former ruling party's program of activities in commemoration of Gambia's 50th Independence Anniversary.

The PPP prides itself as the 'Party of Independence' and thus incumbent on it not only to mark the day with a political rally but also to parade its pre- and post-Independence records in all spheres of Gambian life.  The party militants expected to take part in the rally will try to debunk what they see as distortions of their party's 30-year record of managing the affairs of State.

According to O.J., the application for the permit to hold the rally was submitted on the 8th March. However, it was not until the 23rd March when approval was finally given but not before the Interim Leader of the PPP led a delegation to Inspector General of Police to inquire about the delay in issuing approval.

All of the opposition parties have been invited to attend the rally which, according to the Interim Leader of the PPP, is a gesture of goodwill, on the part of his party, to extend the arm of friendship in the spirit of a United Opposition.