Thursday, March 19, 2015

The man who could cure AIDS admits quackery

AIDS curer Yaya Jammeh  
The Gambian dictator, Yaya Jammeh, has asked his National Assembly to pass the National AIDS Council and Secretariat Bill 2015.

The unanimous vote in the National Assembly is the final act of admission that the medical quackery practiced by Jammeh as the curer of HIV/AIDS that brought international rebuke that attracted butt of jokes was nothing but a deceptive ploy.

Unfortunately, the claim that the dictator cures HIV/AIDS came with devastating consequences.  It costed a United Nations Development Program Resident Representative her posting in The Gambia when she questioned the spurious claim not supported by science.  The UNDP Res. Rep. was immediately declared persona non grata.

Prior to his claim to fame as someone who cures HIV/AIDS, the disease was under control, including his native area of Foni.  However, following his claim about a decade ago, when patients were yanked out of regular treatment in favor of Jammeh's quack treatment that led to numerous remissions and ultimate deaths.  His treatments were nationally televised with his prayer beads, splashing his concoctions on AIDS patients in his $ 700 (D 32,000) Gucci slippers.

By passing the National AIDS Council and Secretariat Bill which the Gambian dictator will sign into law, he is admitting that his claim that he can cure the disease was false.  He, therefore, owes The Gambia an apology for bringing the Office of the Presidency into disrepute by engaging in medical quackery that in the butt of jokes around the world.  What a shame.