Friday, September 26, 2014

IOC rebuffs the Jammeh regime

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has just issued a press release on the outcome of its meeting with members of the Gambia National Olympic Committee (GNOC) and officials of the APRC regime the purpose of which was, in the words of the IOC,  to discuss "the regrettable situation faced by GNOC since April 2014, when the GNOC office was closed by government decision. 

The IOC press release further noted that despite several requests to the highest authorities in The Gambia, the GNOC offices remain closed preventing the Committee from functioning normally. 

After both sides had the opportunity to present their respective cases, the IOC confirmed, once more, the results of the elections which took place more than a year ago, and that they were in "accordance the Olympic Charter, the GNOC Constitution and all IOC directives."  All the executive of GNOC are recognized as the legitimate representatives in the eyes of the IOC. 

The release concludes thus:  The IOC, GNOC and the government delegation came to the conclusion that the current situation has dragged on for far too long and thus no longer tenable and must be resolved in the following manner.

Given the current stalemate, the IOC is requesting the following actions to take place.
1.  The GNOC offices and properties must be returned to them 
2.  Any "travel ban" issued against GNOC must be lifted and cancelled
3. The new Sports bill being drafted must be compatible with the principles of the Olympic Movement
4.  Commitment to build harmonious relationship between government and the Olympic Movement 

This vexing case is to be reviewed at the next IOC Executive Board in October, and "appropriate decisions will be taken depending on the progress made."