Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jammeh orders barricades at the Ritz-Carlton

Barricades ordered by Jammeh 
The Gambian dictator who's built his reputation as the biggest  human rights abuser, including his dislike of gays and lesbians is presently in New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly.

Last year, attending a similar meeting, Gambian dissidents protested in front of his hotel that effectively blocked the entrance which prevented him from attending most of his meetings.

To avoid a repeat of last year's humiliation of his delegation, Yaya Jammeh and his entourage ordered the barricades, pictured here, to prevent protesters from gaining access to the hotel.

Of the 140 Heads of State and Governments in attendance this year, Yaya Jammeh is the only known leader who has barricades around his hotel to protect him against his own people.  The barricades, we are told, were specifically requested by Jammeh and his entourage.

We have also been informed that the gay and lesbian communities of America will show solidarity with the Gambian protesters by joining them on the protest lines against a dictator.  The gays and lesbian communities in America have noted Jammeh's vitriolic and hate-filled speeches against them.

This year's United Nation's agenda is very crowded with meetings and consultations because of the rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  But on the agenda is also the vexingly problem of an Ebola epidemic that it still spreading in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia uncontrollably.  Whether Jammeh will attend the Ebola meeting, scheduled for Thursday, is yet to be seen.

Wednesday will be the debate on ISIS, its threat and a coalition-building time for President Obama who will have to twist few more arms to join an already-reluctant Arab States to join the aerial bombing campaign which has just underway.

Jammeh is scheduled to address the General Assembly on Friday, his first since he broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan.  Whether he will make any reference to the break-up or he will decide to fill the gap with a longer version of his praise of Fidel Castro, now that he has one less friend to praise in exchange for financial assistance.

In the coming days, we will be keeping you abreast of developments in New York, the Gambian protesters and Jammeh's activities around the General Assembly.