Thursday, September 11, 2014

Disqualification of Kebbeh and Kinteh is unconstitutional says Danso and Bojang

Omar Danso and Buba Mbye Bojang
Omar Danso and Buba Mbye Bojang, two candidates approved by the so-called Normalization Committee to run as candidates for the presidency of the Gambia Football Federation (GFF) called the disqualification of Mustapha Kebbeh and Seedy Kinteh as "unconstitutional".

They also accused the Normalization Committee of character assassination of the two former presidents of the GFF.  They described the decision as "well calculated" and a deliberate attempt to discredit the two in time to clear the field of all potential candidate that would deny the regime-chosen candidate the presidency.

The allegations, which will certainly reach FIFA, were made at a joint news conference called by Messrs. Danso and Bojang to air their concern about the decision.  They warned about the slippery slope that the NC seems to be on by saying "for now, it is Kebbeh and Seedy, who knows who will be next?"

The two are convinced that the NC's action is an infringement of the constitution, and they proceeded to question whether indeed FIFA did approve the move as claimed by the NC.

The FIFA letter of 24th July 2014, according to Omar Danso and Buba Mbye Bojang, made clear from the stipulated requirements that both Mustapha Kebbeh and Seedy Bojang had qualified to run for the position.

The relevant GFF statute states that a candidate be " no younger than 30 years old, already have been active in football in the last five years; not have been convicted of felony; and be a Gambian and resident in The Gambia."

As far as the records indicate, Lamin Kaba Bajo has not been active in football in the last five years.  In fact, he has not been active in football in the last decade or two when he was busy moving from one ministerial and ambassadorial posts to the next to have time for anything else, much more football.