Friday, May 16, 2014

UPDATE: GFF Executives released

Reports reaching us is that The Gambia Football Federation (GFF) president Mustapha Kebbeh,  vice president Buba "Star" Janneh and nine other officials, including Malang Jassey of the Ministry of Youth and Sports have been released from custody a little over 24 hours ago.

Although the conditions of their release are unknown, we continue to suggest that they be released unconditionally.  Their infractions are within the purview of the GFF, and the Executive can and should manage their own affairs, including taking disciplinary actions against its members without interference from the government.

The eleven officials are being harassed with the ultimate aim of forcing them to resign their respective posts. Under Part III, Sec. 1 (a) of the National Sports Council Act of 2000, the Minister cannot discipline the GFF membership unless the Federation "ceases to operate as a national sports association" as provisioned in the Act.  As long as the Executive continues to refuse to be intimidated and forced into resignation by the regime, the Federation is on solid ground.

If anyone should go, it is the Minister of Youth and Sports who should be fired.  He is incompetent, period. Gambians are absolutely fed-up with the regime that continues to trample on their rights and liberties as human deserving to a dignified life.

The GNOC should also resist any attempt by the regime to threaten them with jail time.  The regime, meanwhile, risk being sanctioned by the international sporting authorities to the recalcitrant behavior of the Jammeh regime that is constantly at odds and out-of-step with the rest of the sporting world.  This is not a surprise because the habitual nature of being constantly meddling in the affairs of the administration of Gambian sports.  Let these sporting associations manage their own affairs, so that you, as a government, can tend to the more important and urgent matters of state, like the staggeringly high percentage of youth unemployment.

We will follow developments of this and other stories relating to the Minister of Youth and Sports.  The guy is simply over his head.