Friday, May 2, 2014

Serving notice to Jammeh and an alert to IFAD

By request of readership of, we are reproducing a Facebook entry that was intended to be just that - an entry in our Facebook page regarding the proposed establishment of the Food Security Corporation (FSC).  The FSC has been dealt with our blog post of 30th April 2014 entitled "Food Security Corporation: This is a dangerous idea". If you've missed it, check it out here:

Momodou Sabally, Secretary General of the APRC claims that Jammeh has succeeded in attracting the attention of the international community,  community that is now beginning to understand that the food self-sufficiency target that the dictator is pursuing is not a far-fetched objective.

We have said a couple of days ago that the target of 24 months to achieve rice self-sufficiency is not only far-fetched but it is ludicrously dangerous. These bozos grabbed the international community's attention not because of the brilliance of Vision 2016 but because of it's ridiculousness.

Since National Agricultural Land and Water Management Development Project (NEMA) is International Fund for Agricultural Development-funded, a Rome-based UN organization (IFAD-funded), and we see great similarities in the focus and objectives of Vision 2016, we will be writing to the President of IFAD to raise our concern about the potential impact the proposed Food Security Corporation (FSC) will have on the $65 million NEMA Project.

If the FSC is formed, and there are identifiable linkages - as we suspect there will be - between it and NEMA, we will be petitioning IFAD to have the entire NEMA re-appraised for reasons that would be clear to IFAD experts as it would be to us.
We will share our IFAD letter with the readership of