Monday, May 19, 2014

Sir Dawda was a dictator? REALLY?

"The Struggle" has lost not only its way but its credibility if those who claim to be its leaders have resorted to calling Sir Dawda Jawara who's just observed his 90th birthday, a "dictator".   Who will take such characters seriously?

It is not an insult to call a universally-acclaimed democrat a dictator but it is rather a public display of ignorance and a reflection of the caliber of the representation of those who are the public face of the so-called "The Struggle".

The problem, as some of the more level-headed members of the Struggle have been advising, wisely, those in the struggle, the problem facing The Gambia is not Sir Dawda who has exited the scene almost twenty years ago, but Yaya Jammeh.  Despite such wise counsel from the sensible few, there are those who continue to propagate discord among "The Strugglers", and continue to insist of using the Father of The Nation as a wedge issue.   They feel more comfortable blaming Sir Dawda for their own personal failings than critically assessing the damage done by a vicious dictatorship under Yaya Jammeh with a view to charting a way forward.  This is not a preferred option because it involves a little bit of think and some hard work which is a bother for some knuckleheads who continue to engage in frivolity.

Even though the final chapter of Sir Dawda's record is still in the process of being written, we do not think that it is going to be influenced by a spurious and baseless statement from an individual or two.  The personal liberties enjoyed by Gambians under Jawara is a matter of public record and which can be attested to by even the most ardent opponents of Jawara.  Whereas distorting historical fact in the age of the internet and social media is very easy these days, it is equally easy to debunk blatant lies and concoctions.

It is these type of vicious lies and insincere posturing that we continue to impress upon the political parties, especially the PPP, UDP and GMC, to focus their attention on the revitalization, strengthening and modernization their respective parties, and avoid getting entangled in the current mess which will only get worse because of the clown side shows that have threatened the so-called "Struggle".   As we keep saying, the battle will be won or lost not in Washington, London or Stockholm but in Banjul, Brikama and Basse so it is prudent to focus all attention in the direction of The Gambia.

Note:  We must reflect here that Coach Pa Samba Jow has denounced such spurious conjecture as unwarranted in his radio show.  We wish other leaders will denounce such spiteful claims as unacceptable, if The Struggle is to gain any credibility in the eyes of ordinary Gambians. Accusations of this nature are driven by political spite and nothing else, pure and simple.