Saturday, March 22, 2014

Internet, VIBER blockages : MORE TIPS



Gambians continue to experience intermittent  internet service and other connectivity issues this morning after 48 hours without internet service.  As we wrote last night, the interruptions were self-induced, as a desperate regime tries to deny access to information to Gambians.

Internet censorship is the last resort of a regime that promised " transparency, accountability and probity" when it illegally seized power from a legally elected government some twenty years ago.  The regime have tried blocking some of the most popular of the software-based VoIP services and applications such as SKYPE and VIBER with limited success, and at great cost, materially, to all  government and private sector internet service providers.

Their list continues to grow as more apps are being discovered by a population hungry for information that is not propaganda from a failed regime.

The interruptions to the services you are experiencing late last night and this morning are due more to equipment failure than to the success of the regime to block these software-based VoIP services and applications.  But all the same, we have additional VoIPs for you.  Pass it on.

Here are a few more softwares that your loved ones and you can download for free to have free access to these VoIP services.

GIZMO - launched by is more or less like SKYPE with both a softphone and service

VoIPStunt  - is similar to Skype and Gizmo with the difference of offering free calls.  Its rates are quite low and another competitor to Skype.  The application can be downloaded free at

YEIGO   -  This is what most consider to be the best VoIP service for mobile phones thus far.  Read more about it at :

PeerMe - is a service that offers classic free calls.  Check it out at

In addition to the above there are countless others like Fring, iChat, Jajah, iCall, X-Lite..and the list goes on.

For a more comprehensive list and detailed descriptions of each of the above and more, go to :

Together, we will defeat dictatorship in all its forms in The Gambia