Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ghana government contradicts Jammeh's claim

The government of Ghana has contradicted Yaya Jammeh's claim that the former Chief Justice of The Gambia is hiding in an Embassy in the Gambian capital. According to the Mahama government, the Ghanaian jurist is in Ghana, safe and sound.

According to news sources in Ghana, efforts are being made by the Mahama government to resolve her issues with the government of Yaya Jammeh. "She is not anywhere in The Gambia," the Deputy Minister of Information and Media Relations, Murtala Muhammed; "she is needed in Ghana, and they have had meetings with her.

The idiosyncratic  leader of the dictatorship in The Gambia was seen on video during the swearing-in ceremony of the new Pakistani Chief Justice claiming that the Ghanaian-born former Chief Justice was "being hidden by a particular Embassy" after she was fired from her post.  The Gambian dictator accused her of "taking orders from elsewhere...a hostile Embassy", and proceeded to characterize the judge as "a thief and a criminal."

The Ghanaian Deputy Minister for Information was quoted as saying "finding a solution is something that can be done between the President of Ghana and the President of  Gambia."

Although the regime in Banjul never gave reason for her dismissal, the government of Ghana says "it is very well aware that there is the need for something to be done" about the situation.

Of course, the question now is why would Jammeh claim that the former Chief Justice was hiding in some foreign Embassy contrary to the facts.  Was he being provided with wrong intelligence by his incompetent National Intelligence Agency or a deliberate ploy by the regime for reasons only known to Yaya Jammeh.