Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gambia's Mile 2 Prisons - pictorial evidence of the real "Hell Hole" created by Yaya Jammeh

Gambia's secret torture chambers
Gambian victims of torture
Senegalese executed at Mile II by Jammeh 
Buba Yarboe executed at Mile II prison
“My hands were tied together, my head covered with a black plastic bag… they poured cold water on me and the four men from the State Guard started beating me… until I became unconscious”, says ex-Gambian parliamentarian. Mr. Demba Dem

Gambian Inmates serving their respective sentences have been sleeping on bare hard floor at the main notorious Mile II Prisons in Banjul sources at the ...
The notorious 'Hell Hole" name Mile II prisons
Jesse Jackson with two freed Gambian-Americans from Mile II

The faces of real victims of one of world's most notorious prisons.   According to the United States State Department's report on Human Rights 2013.  Prison conditions were harsh and life threatening. For example, according to a press release issued in October 2012 by the Civil Society Associations Gambia, a prisoner named Amadou Faal (also known as Njagga) lost an eye due to severe beatings by prison officials that month.

The real Hell Hole on Earth is Mile II Prisons - the handy work and creation of Yaya Jammeh.