Friday, January 24, 2014

Jammeh is in Paris, gravely ill - UPDATE

The Gambian dictator departed Banjul on Monday, 20th January for medical treatment in Paris.  He departed by special flight a couple of days after celebrating what he claimed to be marking the 7th year of his discovery of the HIV/AIDS cure.

All four of his private jets are still parked at Banjul International Airport. It is now evident that he used both the celebrations and preferring the use of use of private charter instead of his private jet as decoys.                                                

This is a developing story.

UPDATE:  Jammeh left Banjul last weekend for Paris on chartered flight.  He returned Friday night/Saturday morning, according to a very reliable source.  What type of medical attention he received, and the specific ailment he's suffering from, is something we are not privy to.