Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Is insurance fraud involved?

The tale of the two ferries has generated so much curiosity that I was provided with the above photo.  The red arrow points to the engraved name of the former "Sophia P" which is now the "Kansala".

The vessels "Kansala" and "Aljamdu" were built in January 1987, and therefore, far from being new. Records also show that one was involved in an accident in the northern Aegean Sea, injuring one person and resulting in structural damage to the hull.

The two ferries are 27-years old.  Their structural integrity is questioned.  They each cost $ 4.35 million a piece for a total of $ 8.7 million.  The government of Yaya Jammeh, and the GPA owe the Gambian people an explanation and immediate remedial action, including but not limited to, the dissolution of the Joint Venture with the Greek firm.  Where's the JV Agreement between GPA and Gallia Holdings. There appears to be serious legal issues involved here, including possible insurance fraud.