Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Is the UTG a ticking time bomb?

The University of The Gambia is an effective propaganda tool for the Jammeh regime and a convenient talking point for A(F)PRC supporters. As it is a propaganda tool, so it is also a ticking time bomb, ready to go off because it is producing 'graduates' at a rate that the economy cannot absorb.

The Gambian economy is not growing fast enough to absorb 50 - 100 graduates annually. Don't tell me the civil service will provide them with employment, because it cannot. The private sector, on the other hand, is contracting instead, and many enterprises closing their doors. Yet, UTG continues to churn them out at blazing speed with total disregard for quality.

The bomb will go off earlier than projected for an institution that is barely 2 decades old. I hate to say this but 'we told you so'.

The above is a Facebook post, prompted by a Voice of America report about youth unemployment in Africa despite advances in higher education.  The explosive ranks of the unemployed young Africans is threatening the social fabric and stability of governments.  International Labor Organization say that in Africa, the youth are twice as likely to be unemployed as adults, despite the fact that the young are better educated than previous cohorts.

African governments must address the problem urgently or else they will face a rising tide of unrest all across the continent.

We intend to take an in debt look at the problem with special reference to The Gambia. 

The VOA piece is here: http://ecowas.einnews.com/article/187680022/Q6hb8zVporGnIzHU?n=2&code=dwDJlQ8rdkHXLBBs