Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Senegal's new Foreign Minister makes first visit

President Barrow with Senegal's Foreign Minister 
Barrow, Kaba, Darboe and staffs  

Senegal's new Foreign Minister finally made his much anticipated first trip to Banjul today. According to the press release from State House, Mr. Sidiki Kaba was acting as Special Envoy of the Senegalese President to President Barrow to convey the message of bilateral cooperation and "reiterating President's Sall's commitment to the spirit of friendliness and good neighborliness between The Gambia and Senegal."

The other purpose of Mr. Kaba's visit, according to the release, was to introduce himself in his new functions as Senegal's Foreign Minister.  Prior to assuming his new post, Mr. Kaba, a human rights activist, was his country's Justice Minister.

In addition to paying homage to President Macky Sall in recognition and appreciation of Senegal's leadership in The Gambia's transition from 22 years of dictatorship to his country's, President Barrow reassured the foreign Minister that the two leaders will continue to consult each other on regional and other issues of mutual interest.

Regional integration appears to have been on President Barrow's mind, especially after the recently concluded Gambia-Senegal Economic Forum in Dakar that placed great emphasis on finding ways to overcome the obstacles at the border crossings, impeding the free movement of goods and peoples between the two sister countries.

Accompanying his Senegalese counterpart to State House was Gambia's Foreign Minister, Mr. Ousainou Darboe, accompanied by his senior staff.   Also present were the Senegalese Ambassador to The Gambia, H.E. Salieu Ndiaye, who accompanied his Foreign Minister.