Tuesday, October 31, 2017

More Gambian judges sworn-in as part of the Gambianization of the judiciary

Justice Awa Bah 
Justice Haddy Cecillia Roche being sworn in 

Six Gambian judges were sworn-in today at the temporary State House at Fajara was part of the Barrow administration's effort to reverse the undesirable trend that saw the Gambian judiciary dominated by Nigerians judges most of whom were referred to as "mercenary judges". 

According to the press release emanating from the Fajara State House,  President Barrow is quoted as saying that the appointments of these judges would, in the long run, ensure that the entire Gambian judiciary will be managed efficiently by qualified Gambians.

To preserve public confidence, the judges are being called upon to uphold the virtues of integrity and professionalism.  Independence of the judiciary, which was absent in the 22-years of Jammeh's dictatorial rule, will form the cornerstone of the new judiciary, according to Adama Barrow, who assured the Gambian judges that the Executive will not interfere in the dispensing of justice, as expected by the citizenry. 

Chief Justice, Hassan Jallow, admonished the new judges to uphold the virtues of professionalism and integrity in dispensing justice.

The new justices are : Honorable Justice Awa Bah as President of the Court of Appeal,  Justice Haddy Cecillia Roache, Justice Basiru Vassili Portier Mahoney and Justice Kumba Sillah-Camara as justices of the Court of Appeal.  Justice Buba Jawo and Justice Ebrima Jaiteh were sworn-in as Justices of the High Court.

It is noteworthy to cite the fact that half of the justices sworn in were female - a trend, we hope, will be not only be maintained but replicated across the civil and public services.  Another historic first is the appointment of Justice Awa Bah as the first woman President of the Court of Appeal.