Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Mohammed Bazzi requests his appearance before the Commission of Inquiry to be in-camera

Mohammed Bazzi, CEO Euro-Africa Group 
A highly reliable source has just revealed that Muhammed Bazzi, the CEO of the Euro-Africa Group and numerous other companies operating in The Gambia during the 22-year dictatorship of Yaya Jammeh is requesting that his appearance before the Commission of Inquiry into the former dictator's illicit assets be conducted in-camera.

The Lebanese-Syrian businessman is considered by many to have been the most influential businessman in the country who had a stranglehold on the economy with business interests in everything from importation of petroleum to mineral mining.

His substantial holdings and business interest in The Gambia, coupled with the influence he had over a regime that controlled every aspect of the Gambian economy makes him one of the most important witnesses to face the Commission.

The only other person of interest that can rival him is Amadou Samba, his business partner in Euro-African Group that enjoyed the exclusive right to import petroleum products into the country.  They also owned majority shares until Amadou Samba divested his 9.9% share, allowing the government to become majority (52%) shareholder.  They lost their privileged monopoly status after Yaya Jammeh was defeated in last December's elections.

Given their prominent role in the regime of Yaya Jammeh, particularly as it relates to the exploitation of the country's resources, it is an absolute must to invite Mohammed Bazzi and all his business associates to come before the Commission and be questioned in a public setting and in full view of the public just like all other witnesses have been subjected to.  There should be no exception regardless of status.  Gambians look forward to their testimony.