Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Kill the bastards" commands Yaya Jammeh resulting in 14 dead students and numerous others wounded

Jammeh who issue the order "kill the bastards"
Some of the survivors of the April 10-11 student massacre
Vice president lied that students were armed
Amnesty International-sponsored demo in the U.K,
Gambian protesters against the dictatorship

When the Gambian dictator gave the order to his security forces to "kill the bastards", he was in Havana, Cuba on a state visit.  Those three words resulted in a carnage never witness before in the history of The Gambia, leaving in its wake 14 dead students and numerous wounded, mentally scared and physically disabled for the rest of their lives.  The only crime committed by these student was to peacefully protest the murder of a fellow student named Ebrima Barry and another school girl colleague of theirs raped by the security forced of the dictatorship.

In the absence of Yaya Jammeh, his Vice President, Isatou Njie-Saidy oversaw the carnage which she blamed the students for firing live bullets at the security forces.  This was, of course, a lie.  The kids were never armed and never provoked the security forces at any time before, during or after they were mowed with AK-47s.

Those responsible for killing our children were later indemnified by the one who gave the order to kill - Yaya Jammeh. Therefore, those cowards who pulled the trigger that took 14 young lives will never be brought to justice if Jammeh has his wish.  But we, Gambians, will demand that a successor to Yaya Jammeh must pledge to nullify the law that protects all those who took part in the massacre so that they can be tried in a court of law.  We will never rest until justice is done in the name of all the victims of the April 10th - 11th 2000.  That is our pledge to the students.

More survivors of the student massacre