Monday, February 23, 2015


Yaya Jammeh, Nasurudeen Babilimansa

Gambians are tired of Yaya Jammeh and his regime. They are looking for a new direction and new leadership completely devoid of anything Jammeh. 

They are looking for it in the Opposition in The Gambia and in the Diaspora. It is, therefore, unconscionable to attempt to sell their liberty and freedom at the alter of personal/political convenience and selfishness by prolonging Jammeh's stay even by a day.

Needless to say, all those willing and ready to 'reconcile' and 'engage him constructively' are free to do so as it is their right to associate and express their views. 

It is also the right of all those who are opposed to this evil and corrupt regime to stand up against anyone trying to use a flimsily concocted 'reconciliation' nonsense to advance their individual and private interests. They can negotiate their own individual terms, cut their own individual deals, as some have already done, and leave the rest of us in peace.

It is my considered view that Jammeh will do every Gambian a favor if he resigns today and negotiates his fate with Gambians. Anything short of Jammeh stepping down or be forcibly removed is unacceptable to a majority of Gambians. The next elections should not feature Jammeh as a candidate, period.

Gambians have suffered enough, thus anyone, be they politician or otherwise - in the Gambia or abroad - attempting to engage in shenanigans designed to prolong Jammeh's treacherous regime will be ferociously opposed at every turn. We hope the political parties on the ground are taking heed.