Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cherno Njie granted bail

Cherno Njie
Mr. Cherno Njie, the Gambian-American Texas businessman accused of being the financier and mastermind of the 30th December 2014 events that was designed to remove the dictatorial regime of Yaya Jammeh has been granted bail by a Minneapolis court judge.

The bail conditions granted to Mr. Njie are similar to those accorded to earlier defendants in the same case.  The difference in his case is, unlike Papa Faal and Alhagie Barrow, he will be able to run his business using his cell phone, the same facility denied to the others.

Regarding the use of the internet too, the court has decided that while Mr. Njie cannot use the internet directly, he can use a third party.  He can, therefore, hire someone who can use the internet as directed by Mr. Njie.

These concessions i.e use of his personal cell phone and third-party use of the internet are necessary because of the businessman Mr. Njie is who is running a multi-million dollar business in the State o Texas.

Since he has pleaded not guilty, it is up to the prosecution to prove Mr. Njie's guilt, and as far as both the judge and the defense attorney representing Mr. Njie are concerned, the government has yet to provide evidence.  All they have are unproven allegations.

It is our understanding that Mr. Njie, his wife and the rest of his family will return to their home State of Texas tomorrow where he will reside in a halfway house for an unspecified period of time prior to his proper home with his family and friends.

The latest news is the prosecution plans to appeal the decision and they have until noon tomorrow to do so but all indications are that the appeal request will be denied.