Saturday, July 19, 2014

The arrogance in Mr. Jatta's statement

To refer to diaspora Gambians as "you people" is insulting because the phrase connotes disrespect.  Mr. Jatta further exposes his distraught with the Gambian diaspora by referring to them as lacking in awareness of what is going on in The Gambia.

In a one-on-one interview with Nynacho Sanneh in Sweden, the former PDOIS parliamentarian from Wuli-West said, in responding to a question or statement about the disunity among the opposition, that "you ( meaning diaspora Gambians) like talking loud on roof tops on matters that you know very little about."

To claim that there is no disunity among political parties in the Gambia is stretching the truth beyond its breaking point.   The Honorable gentleman from Wuli is the one who's out of the loop despite his permanent presence on the ground.

To write off Gambians because they have been away from The Gambia for dozens of years when they are the very ones whose remittances are keeping the economy viable enough for Mr. Jatta to remain equally viable, financially.  The brazen attitude and arrogance displayed towards the interviewer who was trying to get the Gambian politician to respond to questions from concerned Gambians.  Seedi Jatta was having none of it - a nauseating display of arrogance from one of the opposition leaders that many revere.  His attitude is right smack of Yaya Jammeh who thinks he's got all the answers to Gambia's problems.

The diaspora is very relevant to any future political transformation, and the diaspora must be engaged by the opposition, and to say "they don't understand anything" referring to diaspora Gambians is insulting.   It is insulting to those who have toiled to collect their meager sums to contribute towards the opposition's activities in and outside the Gambia.  They deserve better treatment than being chastised in the manner on display from a very arrogant Mr. Jatta.