Friday, July 4, 2014

"He is an animal", says a former sex slave of Jammeh

I listened to a 'Freedom' newspaper partial audio recording, purportedly of a young woman who claims to have been a sex slave of Yaya Jammeh for six months.  Although the audio is not of excellent quality, it is good enough for one to hear her story and also to discern the young woman's desperation and helplessness.
We believe the tape to be authentic and her story real.  We will not use her name nor the name of any other victim or their relatives. The focus is on Jammeh the rapist, Jammeh the pedophile, and the atrocities he continues to commit against a highly vulnerable population.

The victim appears to have resigned her fate, and the will to live because of the trauma she and two other young women went through over a six month period, its aftermath and subsequent fallout.  There are probably hundreds if not thousands of other victims suffering silently in The Gambia and abroad.

The young lady's ordeal started, according to her, when she responded to an ad in the Daily Observer, a paper belonging to the dictator, about a job vacancy.   She was told the job was in Kanilai, Jammeh's home village.  Once in Kanilai, she was ushered into a bungalow.  She was about 16 or 17 at the time.  There were two other young girls in what could only be characterized as a holding pen, given Jammeh's animal behavior described by this young lady.

During her first day of what she thought was a regular job, Jammeh visited her, gave her her job title and description which is essentially to act as "comfort woman" to satisfy his insatiable and animalistic sexual desires. When the young woman, who was a virgin at the time, pleaded with Jammeh.  Instead of reaching deep into his conscience - he has none, we know - to spare the young lady, he decided to threaten her with death by brandishing a pistol which he wave at her face.  When the young girl asked 'why are you destroying my life'? Jammeh's response was "shut up".  After all, he owns Gambia.

The young woman was a prisoner in this bungalow for six months.  Her cell phone was taken away.  She was allowed access to a phone to speak to her parents on limited time basis and in the presence of military personnel.  This is kidnapping and false imprisonment.

The young lady finally succumbed, and for the ensuing six months became a sex tool or conform girl of Yaya Jammeh.  She was not alone.  Remember, there were two others, one of whom died and was buried in Kanilai.  Whether she was murdered by Jammeh for refusing to succumb is unclear from the audio tape. What is evident is that Jammeh used the death of the other young woman to scare his other victims into submission.

What transpired in those Kanilai bungalows, as narrated by the victim, is too gruesomely graphic to describe in these pages.  But when the young woman was finally released, and she told her father - a retired teacher -what Yaya Jammeh did to her in six months, her father suffered a heart attack on the spot.  It is not clear, from the portions of the audio that was streamed on Freedom online radio, whether the father died immediately from the heart attacked.  What matters is that he died of a heart attack resulting from the gruesome ordeal his young promising daughter - she completed Fifth Form at 17 - narrated, and knowing that he, like the rest of Gambia, he has no legal recourse in this God forsaken place called Gambia.

We have known for a long time that Jammeh is a sex pervert.  We learned few weeks ago that Jammeh is also a pedophile involving an eight year old girl who had to be repatriated to Mauritania by his first wife, Tutie Fall, who was aunt to the young victim who should be in her mid to late 20s.  What we didn't know is that he also had the despicable capacity to kidnap under-age girls, hold them against their will for his sexual gratification.  These girls suffered the same kind of unimaginable indignities at the hands of Jammeh as the 'comfort women' who were women and girls forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army.

This young and courageous lady's started around November 2011 and lasted til May 2012.  After she was kicked out of her Kanilai prison bungalow, she was released to her Brikama home, still a prisoner.  Black tinted-glassed vehicles are parked outside her compound, monitoring her every move.  She's scared to leave her compound for fear of her life.  This situation cannot be allowed to continue.  The young lady, her mother and her immediate family must be protected, evacuated from The Gambia and granted asylum in the U.S. The United States cannot expect this man to live up to the Traffic In Persons Report of 2014, neither can his Minister of the Interior who is equally a sexual predictor and a confirmed prolific rapist.  He's an animal too.

We are drawing the attention of the appropriate authorities to the contents of this blog and to the audio tape in the possession of Freedom radio, and to solicit their assistance on behalf of the young lady whose life is now in imminent  danger as a result of her contacting the press.  She needs help immediately. +