Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Gambian opposition leaders are legitimate targets for murder/assassination says Sheikh Dr. Baba Ceesay

"It is within Islamic sharia law to kill opposition leaders who oppose the leader or President of a country" says a young Gambian cleric named Sheikh Dr. Baba Ceesay, a recent university graduate in Medina, Saudi Arabia recruited into the administration of the University of The Gambia by Yaya Jammeh.

It is incendiary remarks like these that the fiery cleric made at a recent two-day seminar held at an Ibo Town mosque where Sheikh Baba Ceesay said that elections are not only new devices concocted by non-Muslims but they are also irrelevant within the context of the Islamic Ummah.  Leaders or Kings, are selected or chosen by consensus and should rule for as long as they are alive or are no longer physically and/or mentally unable to do so.  If possible, the leader must select a successor.  We believe the Sheikh has been hired by Jammeh to start the process of paving the way to be crown King of Gambia.

The fiery mullah has a long list of prohibited behavior and actions from citizens against their leaders.  Demonstrations, strikes and opposition of any kind is against the version of Islam that he preaches.  Citizens are dictated by Baba Ceesay's version of Islam must be slaves to leaders like Jammeh because they have neither the right to rebel against a repressive authority nor the option of public expression of opposition through strikes or demonstration of any kind.  Citizens are expected under his version of Islam to grin and bear it, as the saying goes.  After all, it is only Allah that will judge Kings and Presidents, including Yaya Jammeh.

The You Tube video which you can find here   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19Q2XUbnJuo&feature=youtu.be  was brought to my attention by Imam Baba Leigh, who is himself is in exile in America from the vicious regime of Yaya Jammeh who Sheikh Baba Ceesay is counselling Gambians to obey at all cost, even if facing death at the hands of the regime.  This is a new form of slavery that this cleric, who appears to be a part of a larger group of Mullahs recruited by Jammeh to help pacify the population in his latest  attempt to crown himself King of Gambia.

We must admit that when talk about the possibility of a Gambian royalty resurfaced a week or two ago, we didn't take it seriously because for lack of evidence that the idea was independently being advanced by the parliamentarian from Banjul Central.  Evidence is now pointing towards Jammeh, and must thus be taken seriously.

Recruiting these Mullahs to fan out the country with their a version of Islam is inimical to Islam as it is taught and practice in The Gambia is dangerous and, as one prominent member of the Muslim community told me over the phone, "this kind of Islam can cause sectarian war in The Gambia."  When he was asked why he thought so, he responded "this is not the Islam we practice and neither is it something the opposition leaders and their supporters will tolerate, because Sheikh Baba Ceesay wants us to be slaves to Jammeh and his regime.

This should serve as a warning to the opposition of things to come before the 2016 election cycle which Jammeh will use to catapult him well beyond State House and into the Jammeh Throne.  Jammeh is assembling a well-structured organization to start the campaign to be King, and these Mullahs led by Sheikh Dr. Baba Ceesay spreading his vile and convoluted version of Islam are an integral part of that campaign, but so are Hons. Abdoulie Saine, Seedy Njie and Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council Yankuba Colley.

The presence of these radical Mullahs in The Gambia, according to Imam Baba Leigh, should serve as an early warning to Gambians that the form of Islamic radicalism that Baba Ceesay and his group of Mullahs preach are a threat to the stability of the country and to countries in the sub-region.