Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bubo Na Tchuto pleads guilty in plea bargain deal: Who's next?

Ex-navy chief of Guinea-Bissau, Bubo Na Tchuto

The Guinea Bissau former ex-navy chief who was arrested by US Federal drug agents off the West African coast of Capo Verde has secretly plead guilty of charges that he conspired to import narcotics into the United States.  He made his plea in advance of his court appearance which was scheduled for start tomorrow, Monday in US District Court in Manhattan.

The ex-navy chief of Guinea-Bissau who is described as a West African drug kingpin plead guilty to the drug trafficking charges at a May 13 2014 court proceeding.  The court transcript was immediately sealed.  It is unclear why it was sealed nor could it be determined to which charges Bubo Na Tchuto pleaded guilty to. The terms of the deal he reached with the US government are also unknown.

Reporters have indicated that both Na Tchuto's lawyer and the representatives of the US District Attorney in Manhattan refuse to respond to questions about the plea bargain deal or related questions.

What is obvious drawing from such deals in the past is that the Federal authorities are interested in going after bigger targets in the drug business, and others who have provided cover and sanctuary for huge drug operation of the one accused of the ex-navy chief of the Guinea-Bissau military has been accused of and to which he's pleaded guilty.

Who are the others?  Will they be nabbed if they should enter the United States or any of its territories?  Will other third countries help capture Bubo Na Tchuto's partners in crime?  We will keep following the case.