Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Don't mess with Facebook, Yaya

In our fight against censorship of the internet, we promised to continue to provide our readership with tips to help avoid the sinister attempts of the dictatorship in Banjul to limit your access to the internet-based communication applications.  Here are more tips, especially for those of you in The Gambia.

FACEBOOK is another avenue available to make calls to family and friends at home an abroad.  We have used it to call Banjul and a couple of folks in the U.S. The service is very clear.  Just a slight acoustics trouble when we called a friend in Rhode Island. Otherwise, the reception and voice transmission qualities were perfect.  I have rated it 4 out of 5 stars.

For those of you unaware of the Facebook telephone and messaging services, (we only learned about it this morning) you need a smart phone and the Facebook download.  Then go to your Friends list and click on whoever you can to speak with. At the right hand corner of your friend's profile, there's an icon i, click on it and you will see phone, and microphone symbol.  Click on the phone and there you have it. We presume, it works the same way for desk top and lap top provided you have all the required accessories.

Unlike Viber and Skyke, FACEBOOK is a bigger challenge for Jammeh to mess with.  He has had enough problems of his own already with his neighbor, colleagues in ECOWAS and some members of the European Union to try blocking Facebook.  The youth are already pissed off with him because of his dictatorial tendencies.  To add Facebook to his menu will only make matters worse for him and his shaky regime.

On a related matter, in Banjul, IT specialists have now found a way to treat your Android phone to bypass the Jammeh block permanently.  They have yet to find solutions for the iPhone and other makes. It is  losing battle for this regime.  The easiest solution is to let Gambians have their freedom.  Anything less will only spell trouble for the regime.

Note of appreciation:  We thank the person(s) who provided us with the above tips.  Since we cannot name names, we tip our hats to you, and encourage all you to continue supplying us with useful information that we can pass on to our embattled people in The Gambia.