Friday, April 25, 2014

Balla Jahumpa is alive and still in critical condition

Balla Jahumpa, Gambia's Roads and Transport minister, who was involved in a car accident last Sunday while on the presidential tour of the provinces, is, as at this writing, alive but still in critical condition in a Madrid, Spain hospital, according to a source close to the regime of Yaya Jammeh.

We may be on the opposite side of the political divide, but we are all, however, on the same side when it comes to our small community of The Gambia.

We have been critical of Yaya Jammeh's handling of the accident victims who, we feel, did not get the immediate and urgent attention they all deserve regardless of their standing in the regime's hierarchy.  Medical evacuation should have taken place earlier.  We also felt the entire tour should have been cancelled or suspended for several days to tend to the medical needs of all of the accident victims.  The regime's continued news black-out is deplorable which only invites insidious speculations.

For The Gambia to be viable and remain a sovereign country, Gambians must learn to separate their political views from their private and personal ones to allow us to debate the country's national priorities honestly and substantively while remaining civil in a non-vindictive way.

The country is small and compact enough an entity to provide the insularity necessary for personal, tribal and regional animosities not to thrive.  The country's small size also makes it possible for Gambians to be related by blood or otherwise allowing us to pull together as one family in our hours of need.

It is in this spirit that, and all those associated with our blog operations that we wish "Balla J" a speedy recovery.   He continues to be in our prayers.