Tuesday, December 3, 2013

One more dead soldier at the hands of Yaya Jammeh

Another soldier has been murdered by the security elements of the Jammeh regime.  It now appears that there is a murder squad on the loose for the sole purpose of eliminating, what the regime consider to be, threats to the security of the State.  These are soldiers who conduct themselves in a professional manner and thus refuse to join the murder squads.

The latest victim is Lance Corporal Momodou Ceesay of the Gambia Armed Forces.  According to reports by the American Street News (ASN), family members of the soldier that the victim was forced into an unmarked car by masked men while walking along the road in his hometown of Brikama.  According to the same news source, after he was killed, his body was buried even before family members arrived at the site the renegade soldiers claimed they found the body.

The government version of events is in variance with what is being reported by private press.  According to the Daily Observer, the body of the 29-year old infantryman was found last Thursday in the village of Basore in the Western Division, "after he reportedly hanged and set himself on fire."  I will leave it up to readers to make sense of this.  How can one hang himself and than set himself on fire.  These stories have now ecome very familiar to Gambians.  The regime of Yaya Jammeh is so incompetent that they cannot concoct sensible stories and alabis that will absolve them of these frequent murders of both civilians and members of the military who refuse to join the murder spree of Gambians the regime consider its enemy. 

The official version of events reported by the Daily Observer quoted family members that Momodou Ceesay
was last seen alive when left his compound last Thursday, the 21 November around 6:00 a.m.  He was missing for more than a week before the police notified the family on Friday, 29th November that they found the dead body in bushes at Basore village.  When the family members rushed to the site where the body was found, they could only identify the badly mangled body as Mr. Ceesay through is cell phone SIM card.  "Due to the nature of his body, we could not see him because the police quickly buried him on the site," according to official source of Government through the Daily Observer.  The government has also floated the idea that the murdered soldier was mentally ill which hos mother vehemently denied.  Her son was of sound mind who was described by family members as a "young man of dignity and respect who had contributed immensely toward the development of his family."