Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jammeh has struck against the opposition

Lasana Jobarteh of Churchill's Town, the operator of the gateway at the Brikama rally, had been picked up my agents of the notorious National Intelligence Agency at his home.  At the end of the rally, Mr. Jorbateh who recently returned to The Gambia from the United States, was driven home in the vehicle shared by Ousianou Darboe and Omar Jallow and dropped off at his compound.

I was informed by phone that Lasana Jobarteh was picked up by security agents immediately after being dropped off by Ousainou Darboe and O.J. for presumably operating the gateway that made it possible to transmit the audio and video streaming of the rally that was jointly organized by the United Democratic Party, the largest opposition party in the Gambia, the people's Progressive Party and The Gambia Moral Congress.

As we try to piece together what happened so that we can locate his whereabouts, we advise all opposition leaders and supporters to be extra vigilant.  Jammeh allowed these rallies under tremendous international pressure following recent incidences that attracted attention and drew the spotlight on him and the deplorable human rights situation in The Gambia.  The criticisms of Jammeh and his corrupt regime voiced by the opposition at the Brikama rally has been pointed and harsh.  It is expected that he will retaliate with a wave of arrests.

The situation is fluid.  We will bring you new developments as we get them.