Friday, September 27, 2013

A rattled dictator

Jammeh looked haggard, perplexed and unusually subdued as he took to the UN General Assembly podium today to deliver a speech that was as disorganized as he was, and characteristically disjointed, rambling and completely out of touch with the real problems facing ordinary Gambians.  The pressing issues facing the continent was also completely ignored or glossed over by the dictator.

The credit for Jammeh's poor performance and confused appearance must go to a determined number of Gambian dissidents and activists from across America who gave Jammeh a taste of his own medicine.  It was also a lesson in American democracy which guarantees the right to free speech and assembly that obviously left members of Jammeh's security detail in a state of shock as to why the secret service did not simply shoot these dissidents pestering the life of Professor Nassirudeen Jammeh or simply put them behind bars.

When Jammeh finally made a break for the exists under escort to the U.N Building to deliver his speech, it was not surprising that his central themes were gays and lesbians and Taiwan.  Bashing gays and lesbians on the world stage instead of focusing the world's attention on his government's plan to alleviate the deplorable human condition that exist in his country or how he intends to improve the management of an economy that is spiralling out of control threatening the livelihood of 2 million Gambians.  The only consolation is that Gambians, with the exception of the paid Banjul and Kombo Mullahs, have come to realize that bashing gays and threatening to chop off their heads is a diversionary tactic designed to deflect attention from the rampant corruption and economic mismanagement that come to symbolize his regime, and the heinous human rights abuses conducted by rogue elements within his security apparatus. .

It didn't take long into his speech before he immersed himself into another favorite topic of his - Taiwan. The shamefully disproportionate attention paid to the renegade government of Taiwan by Yaya Jammeh is a constant source of embarrassment to proud Gambians, some of whom are in his delegation or at the Gambia's Representation Office in New York.  Gambians are too proud to sell their sovereignty for cash as Jammeh has.  It is a deeply resented policy within certain quarters of his regime.  China is the legitimate government of the Chinese people.  It is time America call Taiwan to stop its suitcase-full-of-dollar diplomacy that goes to prop up these tinfoil dictators of the Jammeh ilk who prey on their people.  As long as Taiwan fills Jammeh's pockets with money, the human rights abuses of Gambians will go unabated.

After all is said and done, the 2013 U.N. General Assembly meeting will be forever remembered as the week when Jammeh was finally unmasked for the coward he is, and being held prisoner in his hotel for 48 hours.  When he finally made a break for the exits, it was not a clean a break either.  He was aided by the U.S. Secret Service and the NYPD, stuffed at a back of a compact car without his samurai sword which he was obviously forced to part with.  That in itself is a defeat.

Gambian Dissidents 1  Jammeh 0