Friday, October 3, 2014

Radio journalist Ousainou Sankareh held prisoner

Ousainou Bai Sankareh
An online radio journalist who was on a visit to The Gambia has been arrested by agents of the notorious National Intelligence Agency (NIA) shortly upon arrival in Banjul.

According to a release from the management of Kibaaro newspaper, radio and television, an online media outlet that focuses on Gambian issues, Mr. Ousainou Bai Sankareh was in The Gambia to visit family and also to "attend the Muslim feast of Eid Ul Aida (known locally as "Tabaski")."  The Kibaaro website lists Mr. Sankareh as the anchor of the radio's Sarahuleh (local language) program

The release further stated that the circumstances surrounding the arrest are still unclear, and further investigations are being conducted in an attempt to piece together this bizarre incident.  

The early stages of this type of arrest by a regime that has a poor human rights record is critical. Many Gambians, including journalists, have disappeared in similar fashion and who have remained missing and unaccounted for to this day.

It is, therefore, imperative that the situation is monitored so that the regime is not allowed yet another opportunity to unleash its vicious agents against another journalist.  We must not allow the regime of Yaya Jammeh, to yet again, get away with another disappearance of a journalist who was on a private visit to see his relatives and to attend the Eid prayers.  Ousainou Bai Sankareh's only crime is the read and analyse the news in his native tongue.  FREE OUSAINOU BAI SANKAREH