Thursday, December 21, 2017

KORA Broadcasting Corporation is scam by a professional scammer

On 5th September 2015, we published this blog post outlining the extent of
Jammeh's scams that will continue to haunt Gambians for a very long time.

Read on.

H.R.H Prince Ebrahima and Jammeh

The Clown 

Gambia;s Paramount Chief Demba Sagnia
Former S.A.President Thabo Mbeki

Former President of Ghana - J.J.Rawlings

The CEO of KORA Broadcasting Corporation is "His Royal Highness Prince Ebrahim is", according to his official website of his charity called Future Africa Foundation, from the Koring Sanyang Royal Dynasty dating back to the Kabuu and Mali Empires.  The website also claims that Prince Ebrahim "is one of Africa's foremost investors and entrepreneurs that spans real estate, commodities, financial services, media and entertainment, as well as two charitable foundations."

The Prince is also "an investment banker, an African expert analyst on cross border risk, government and private sector structured financing and settlement."  That's not all.  His Royal Highness is also "a mandated development economist,ans sovereign government policies adviser serving numerous governments, multilateral, multi-nationals and NGO." He is also a "Member of Chatam House (Royal Institute of International Affairs)"

Prince Ebrahim is Chairman of the Royal Africa Holdings "with over $8 billion in pipeline development projects.  "He is arguably one of Africa's most energetic entrepreneurs making a significant impact across Africa."  He appears to own a bank too named The Africaada Bank "through which "he is set to revolutionize financial service provision on the continent and deepen financial inclusion."

The Advisory Board of his Future Africa Foundation has such recognizable names as former President Jerry Rawlings of Ghana, former South African President Thabo Mbeki, former Prime Minister of Ireland Mary Robinson who was also  United Nation's Human Rights Commissioner, Bishop Desmond Tutu and Gambia's own Demba Sagnia, our First Paramount Chief.  Coincidentally, all of these dignitaries are in line " awaiting approval", presumably from HRH Prince Ebrahim to serve on the Advisory Board.

These are the kind of buffoonery that Gambia's dictator, Yaya Jammeh, has been subjecting our beloved country to.  This is the character that Jammeh is encouraging by receiving him at State House and having business dealings with him.  It is a painful experience to prepare this blog post if only to expose the type of embarrassing leadership that Jammeh provides to a once proud and serious country named The Gambia.

Gambians must rise up to stop this nonsense,