Sunday, May 21, 2017

Demonstrations tomorrow (Monday) by youths in Kololi area communities against Global Properties

The youths of Kololi, Manjai Kunda, Bakoteh, Sanchaba and Kololi are planning a protest march cum demonstration as they face an eminent threat of losing not only their only football/practice field they have left in the area but the small land area left from the original track of land that measured 58,743 sq m and a distance of 992 meters.  The communities planned to use the remaining area to build a market for the men and women of the communities and an open space for the communities that have been overwhelmed by the land grab that has been going on for nearly two decades..

The protest march is scheduled to start tomorrow (Monday) from the football field at 3:00 PM -7:00 PM.  The area MP Hon. Madi Ceesay is said to be following developments in the constituency he represents in the National Assembly and may join the youth in the demonstration.  Also other community leaders expected to attend include Saibo Drammeh and his mother-in-law who is also a UDP Yayi Compin.
The original track of land in question can be found here.  We have been informed that most of the huge track has been sold reportedly by the Mayor of KMC.  The remaining land is said to have been sold to Mr. Saul Frazier by the same said Mayor of KMC which is now being contested by the youth of the area.  No proof of ownership has been provided neither by Mr. Frazer nor by the Chinese contractor.

The land grab threat highlighted in our Facebook page is reportedly coming from the Chinese company and Saul Frazier who is CEO of Global Properties, a real estate firm.  The huge parcel of land provided in the link above has been the property of the Gambia Government and a target of developers since 1997.  How this ended up in the hands of private developers and KMC is still being investigated, including how the proceeds were utilized and by whom.

The organizers have stressed in their communique to us that the demonstration will " a peaceful and a lawful one."  The organizers have invited members of the surrounding communities of Manjai Kunda, Bakoteh, Sanchaba and Kololi.

All area football clubs, team supporters and officials, academies, community leaders and Yayi Compins have been invited and are expected to take part in the protest to draw public attention to their grievances.  The youth of the communities mentioned herein are cordially urging all to take part in the protests as a civic duty.