Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Chief Justice Fagbenle tells APRC lawyer Edu Gomez Supreme Court can only convene in May

APRC supporters inside the Supreme Court Chambers
Chief Justice Fagbenle a central figure in Yaya Jammeh's futile attempt at nullifying the presidential election results of last December, has just informed lawyer Edu Gomez representing the outgoing ruling party of Yaya Jammeh, the APRC,  that the Supreme Court cannot be convened as presently constituted.

The earliest possible date for the Supreme Court to meet is in May which is consistent with the letter addressed to the Chief Justice of The Gambia by Nigeria's Acting Chief Justice.

By requesting Nigeria to provide judges in January, the Chief Justice was trying to lease Jammeh rather than advising him that to do so would alter the long standing schedule of freeing judges to sit on Gambia's Supreme Court in May and November.

Rearranging the judicial calendar to suit Jammeh's need of a despot lie Yaya Jammeh was only playing into the hands of desperate despot trying to further perpetuate his grip on power for his own selfish end.

Nigeria's decision to turn down the request was not only welcomed but it changed the both the dynamics and complexion of the political impasse for the benefit of the Gambian people who expressed their will to retire Jammeh in favor of the 51-year old real estate developer Adama Barrow. The May date throws Jammeh's plan into absolute chaos because after January 18th, Adama Barrow would have become the legitimate and effective President of the The Republic of The Gambia.  The question in everybody's mind now is what is the next crazy thing Jammeh will do?

Our advice to him is to go on national television concede defeat, apologize to, and ask for forgiveness from, the Gambian people for being selfish, greedy and petulant and commit those he will be leaving behind to collaborate with the incoming Barrow team to ensure a smooth and orderly transition to the New Order.