Sunday, October 9, 2016

As the opposition inch towards a single flag bearer, a worried Jammeh decides to go on provincial tour

APRC women in ashobi 
The venerable Imam Baba Leigh drew our attention to the fact that Jammeh has been uncharacteristically silent and away from the limelight for over four months for good reason..

Apart from a brief end of Eid message to Gambians, Jammeh has stayed away from the political scene and for good reason.  He has nothing good or positive to report to the Gambian people about.

The economy continues to slide and with it the living standard of the majority of Gambians, the unemployment rate, especially of the youth is going through the roof resulting in a mass exodus of the country's young in rates never seen before. Meanwhile,  the country's isolation from the rest of the world continues to deepen to pariah state levels, thanks to the belligerent mannerisms and style of governance Gambia is facing increasing threats of sanctions from development partners that can only make matters worse for ordinary person.

As Jammeh shuttles between Banjul and Kanilai, he has his finger at the pulse of the opposition - to see how they respond to the challenge before them of forming a unified front by selecting a single flag bearer to contest the scheduled December presidential elections.

Jammeh was and still hoping that the opposition parties will fail in securing a unified front.  But because significantly noticeable progress was registered during the two successive meetings of the opposition, Jammeh is sufficiently worried to instruct the APRC party stalwarts to get ready for a campaign tour.  The entire civil service/government machinery is being activated for the campaign because of the oppositions successful efforts thus far in unifying behind a single candidate.

According to our sources, the tour could start as early as tomorrow (Monday October 10th) but a more reasonable date would be later in the week or next week Monday.  Regardless of the date, we continue to implore the opposition to coalesce around a single candidate as the only way of ridding the Gambia of the cancer that is Yaya Jammeh.  We continue to encourage all opposition leaders to build on the successes registered thus far.