Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The defense team in the Darboe and co case walks out

Nigerian Mercenary Judges including Justice  Dada  
To watch Justice E. O. Dada, a member of the Nigerian mercenary contingent recently recruited by Mr. S.H. Barkum, Director of Public Prosecution who is also a Nigerian, behave in such unprofessional and insolent towards the defense team brings shame to both the legal profession and to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in the case of Ousainou Darboe and co.

Mr. Darboe is the Opposition leader who is a defendant in the case is part of the defense led by Antouman Gaye, a legal luminary of nearly half a century of practicing law.  There is over a century of legal practice between the two legal luminaries - not counting the half a dozen others representing the full defense team.

Justice E.O. Dada displayed her lack of legal knowledge and judicial temperament by her continuous denial of defense's motions and an insatiable appetite for rudeness towards the defendants.  The motion to drop four of the seven charges and to retain the three original charges was denied.

This was just the beginning of, what amounted to intransigence that suggests that Judge Dada was following the regime's playbook of frustrating the defense by denying every motion.  When the defense team asked to consult  with its clients in private, a room was provided only to have it invaded by gun-totting soldiers who insisted to listening in, thus contravening the right of the defendants to privacy and a breach of the attorney/client privileged.

When the defense appealed to Judge Dada to intervene on their behalf, she said she cannot prevent the military from listening in.  As a result the defense team walked out of the court room, led by Mr. Antouman Gaye and they have vowed not to return until the attorney/client confidentiality is respected by Judge Dada.  The defendants, through Mr. Ousainou Darboe, have also vowed not to take part in any court proceedings without the right to consult with their lawyers in total and absolute privacy.  No military personnel will be allowed to listen in  during consultations with their lawyers.

We have also learned that the Director of Public Prosecution, S. H. Barkum met Chief Justice Fagbenle who was fired three weeks ago and has been 'temporarily reinstated' to work on the strategy the regime will take given recent developments that may affect the desired outcome.  The Chief Justice who initial firing was as a result of the advise he gave the regime that all of the defendants should discharged because there was no case must be ensuring that he does not get himself into more trouble with the Gambian dictator.

What the world is witnessing is a kangaroo court on steroids.  What a shame that the Gambian judiciary would end up in this circus atmosphere. Thanks to Yaya Jammeh, a collections of judges- and prosecutors-for-hire and a group of malfeasance ready to do the bidding for a brutal, corrupt and incompetent regime.