Sunday, December 27, 2015

"Are your hands clean?"

The Gambia Christian (multi-denominational) Council 
Our attention, of recent, has been focused disproportionately - and rightly so - on the role played by the Supreme Islamic Council in perpetuating the brutal and corrupt regime in Banjul.  Jammeh has become an international embarrassment and a pariah within the comity of Nations.

The SIC has been complicit by compromising the Islamic teachings and principles in exchange for worldly possessions in the form of bundles of cash in  addition to government-issued and -maintained vehicles to accompany government allowances and spacious offices at the expense of the poor and heavily-taxed Gambian taxpayer.

The behavior of the Gambia Christian Council (GCC), as a body representing all of the denominations, has been considered measured and cautious in its dealings with the Jammeh regime up to this point, particularly when compared to its Muslim counterpart.  However, recent events are cause for concern.

Accepting bundles of cash a spectacle that has become a hallmark of the Jammeh regime and - quite frankly - an obscene and boorish sight to watch on national television when 70% of Gambians are food insecure and an equal proportion live on less than a $ 1.50 per day.  It is, in our view, beneath the dignity of the Church, as it should be with the SIC, to allow to be manipulated in such a manner and in public view for a view propaganda points by an corrupt and incompetent regime.

We wonder what would have been the reactions of the late Reverend Ian C. Roach - of "Are your hands clean fame" - and the late Archbishop Solomon Tilewa Johnson to being awarded a D 1 million as Christmas gift as opposed to the traditional turkey.

We have suggested in our Facebook page that we will be directing more of our attention towards the GCC as we commence to draw attention to what we consider to be a growing concern of the Church's relations with a regime whose human rights record is among the worst in the world.

Until such time and as The Gambia continues its slide towards political instability, it is time for the Church (through the GCC) to speak up or forever hold its collective peace.