Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Africell gives Jammeh D 20 million for 2011 elections and D 10 million for current provincial tour

Africell (Gambia), one of the leading telecommunications companies in The Gambia is said to have spent D 20 million ($450,000) on the 2011 reelection campaign of Yaya Jammeh, according to a source.

In its Mission Statement, the company claim its aim is to "make telecommunication accessible to every Gambian at the most affordable rates" which is undoubtedly a laudable target but how can it be achieved with the sort of corporate irresponsibility on display when every extra costs will be borne by the customers.

Our source claims the payments by Africell (Gambia) went directly to the Gambian dictator and that company funds were not limited to the election campaign contributions only.  It extended beyond politics to include financing Jammeh's Vision 2016 tour which is arguably more of a political campaign trip than protecting and advancing the welfare of the rural population.

As expected of any habitual briber, Africell saw nothing wrong in dishing out another D 10 million ($225,000) recently in connection with the tour which, the Jammeh mouthpieces are always keen to remind opponents that the so-called "Dialogue (more like a Monologue) with the People" tour, is constitutionally mandated.    

The D 20 million figure should be a stark reminder to all, especially the leaders of the opposition, what they will be up against at the next elections if the playing field remains unlevel, as suggested by the kind of money that these corporate entities pour into the coffers of Yaya Jammeh who spends it to skew the elections.

Shame of Africell.  We will be looking at the $12 million debt that Gamtel incurred (internally) with numerous local banks.

We apologize for inadvertently indicating a higher US $ conversion figures in the initial published blog which we have rectified using the conversation rate of D 44 =1 US. Local forex market is in disarray due to presidential interference.