Sunday, October 5, 2014

Senegalese President Sall calls for vigilance against rampaging Ebola virus with more cases in Senegal

President Sall of Senegal 
On the occasion of the Muslim feast of Eid ul Adha or Tabaski, the Senegalese President asked Senegalese to increase their vigilance against the outbreak of the Ebola virus.

Speaking in Wollof after the Eid prayers, Macky Sall was quoted in Seneweb website as saying "There are more cases in the country, but we must remain vigilant against the threat of the epidemic..."

The Senegalese leader praised the work of the health personnel for caring for the Guinean who contracted the virus.

"We must avoid unnecessary gatherings, the government will also strengthen its communication policy to increase awareness among the various sections of the population," the Senegalese president warned his people.

By contrast, in neighboring Gambia, Yaya Jammeh is planning to bring together thousands of his Gambian supporters for a week of celebration on the occasion of what has been dubbed 20th Anniversary of the July Revolution despite the international alter across the globe to contain the deadly virus.

Over the years, these type of gatherings, especially those held in Jammeh's native Kanilai, have developed the reputation of being attended by a large number of men and women who have been known to engage in promiscuous behavior.

We hope the regime comes to its senses by canceling the celebrations, and join the world community to increase vigilance against the outbreak that threatens the entire West African region, including The Gambia.