Friday, August 16, 2013

The world is watching the Gambian judiciary

We are serving notice to Justice Emmanuel Nkea, Simon Ateh Abi and all those employed in the Gambian judiciary that your every move is being profusely monitored to ensure that you dispense justice diligently, justly and expeditiously as you have promised your respective governments, your colleagues, the international legal community, and most importantly, those who come before you expecting justice.  

We have taken note of the fact that the charge against ex-Magistrate Manyima Bojang appears to have been reduced by the deputy Director of Special Litigation, Simon Ateh Abi, by substituting her criminal charge with accessory after the fact to a felony indicating a shoddy handling of her case from the word go. We expect nothing less than a speedy but fair trail.

We have also taken note of the fact that Justice Emmanuel Nkea had issued an ultimatum to the Justice department lawyers that unless they put their house in order and ready to proceed with the case of Njogu Bah and Co next Monday, the Court will proceed with the hearings without the Justice Department. We will monitor this case as well, and very closely too.  We expect the ultimatum of the Court will be carried out next Monday should the justice Department continue to delay the case by seeking further adjournment. 

We have seen that our friend ex-Chief Justice Wowo had been granted bail for offenses not related to the audio-tape bribery scandal.  His bail was set for $1,000,000.  We have seen higher bails amounts for trump-up charges.   But all the same, henceforth all bailable offences should be just that, bailable, including our friend Wowo - equality in the eyes of the law.

Finally, all foreign and local judges are under constant watch, and any unprofessional behavior will be taken up with your respective governments and appropriate legal and professional bodies.  As for local judges and prosecutors, is it to much to ask of the Gambian Bar Association to, at least, monitor the professional and moral behavior of its members?  We are saying to mercenary judges and others in the judiciary that we have had it up to here.  Enough is enough.